Polestar Family Calendar 2022
Polestar Family Calendar 2022
Polestar Family Calendar 2022
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Our Customers Say It Best

It's our family planner, our diary, somewhat of a scrapbook too, basically a snapshot of our year!

J.D., Alberta

Polestar Family Calendar 2022

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This bestselling agenda provides a flexible, spacious format for recording the entire family’s daily activities.

  • three-part daily planning guide
  • monthly double-spread planning pages
  • weekly To Do/To Buy lists
  • ample space for meal planning and messages
  • unique reference pages including Items Loaned & Borrowed; Family Profiles;
  • Dates to Remember; 2022 and 2023 planning calendars
  • sturdy inside back-cover pocket
  • perforated corners and tear-out shopping lists
  • plus encouraging weekly quotes
  • printed on 100% post-consumer recycled text paper, processed chlorine- and acid-free, using vegetable-based inks

8 x 10 inches, spiral-bound / 100% Recycled paper, 168 pages.

The Polestar Advantage

Our 3-part grid is the cornerstone of all our agendas.
It helps you plan the daily essentials, while keeping track of all the other parts of your life.

A Polestar Customer Story

Rita Moir is a writer in rural British Columbia.

I’ve used the Polestar Family Calendar since 1993, and kept them all. They are my historic record: they set my life in context, are invaluable when someone asks what year we drove to Nova Scotia, or to our friends’ lighthouse on the west coast; when did our old cat die, when was the puppy born. It’s a resource and a trip through a life with all its great days and tough ones. I admire people who are organized enough to use the columns: Family Appointments and Meals/Kitchen and Home, but try as I might, my calendar reflects the organized chaos of my life: scribbles all over, items crossed out or highlighted in a rainbow of colours: pink and blue, bright orange, green and yellow.

I fill the Family Calendar with everything: something I heard on the radio, trip plans, recipes, books to track down; the back pages record the year’s canning – Saskatoon jelly – 7 jars; pickles and relish, spaghetti sauce. Fall fair ribbons won, firewood made, wine bottled, and gifts and cards sent. Some years I rewrite the phone list and addresses; sometimes I cut out last year’s and tape it in.

From daily chores to funerals and birthdays, part-time jobs to weeks blocked off for writing -- my journal is a mess, but it all makes sense to me. The calendar is my own and I don’t stay within the lines.